Thursday, January 14, 2010

Coast to Coast Training Camp 2010

The aims of the Exponential Performance Coaching C2C camp were to 1, Gain specific C2C course knowledge 2, Develop specific C2C skills and 3, Develop fitness improvements through the training camp effect. While the weather tried its best to stop us we still completed these aims. On Friday 8th January 8 keen athletes arrived at Klondyke corner ready to sink their teeth into the training camp. Friday evening consisted of setting up camp and getting to know everyone. This was followed by a rock run and river crossing session to familiarise the athletes was the specific skills required for the mountain run. The evening was completed with a presentation on nutritional, transition and race strategies for day 1 of the race, followed by a discussion on different points of the race.

Day 2 started early with a drive to Kumara Junction. From the Kumara beach the sprint was on up the 3km run section to the waiting bikes. 55km of road riding working on bunch riding skills took the athletes to Atkins. During the ride up the valley all had their fingers crossed that the rivers would have come down after the serve flood a few days earlier.

A short time up the Deception Valley reveled that the rivers were still high preventing race lines being taken so it was decided to turn back for the groups safety. That afternoon Adrian Hamill from PhysioMed gave a presentation/ practical session on Physio for multisport. This included a discussion on issues/ injuries athletes had had, why and how to strap ankles for off road running finishing with some individual muscle balance assessments of everyone which revelled some interesting points.
As the final training session for the day, everyone rugged up and we headed off into the cold windy conditions for a 2 hour run on the lower section of the Minga Valley up to Dudleys knob and back. The evening activities included a presentation and discussion on nutrition, transition and race strategies for the second day of the race and a briefing for the river session the following day.

Day 3 started early in the rain. Heavy rain meant that the training session down through the waimak gorge was not possible due to safety. Instead a 2hour session was completed on the upper reaches of the waimak between the Bealey and Mt White bridges. This secton of river is usually almost dry, however with the rain it was the perfect flow to work on C2C paddling skills. With everyone soaked to the bone and cold it was a quick change of cloths and off to the Bealey Hotel for hot chips and a debrief.

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